Hit Reality Show American Pickers’ To Spotlight Wadena


I’m not a big fan of reality TV, but two I really enjoy are “Gold Rush” and “American Pickers. So, I was super excited when I heard the latter was going to feature the great town of Wadena. “American Pickers” star and creator Mike Wolfe was spotted Wednesday afternoon, walking his dog. The cast and crew of the History Network show were focused on one home in particular, Second Street and Emerson Avenue. It’s the home of former Wadena resident Ed Blazek, who passed away in 2018. Blazek was an avid antique collector. Fans of the show shouldn’t have to wait to long to view it. Crew members could not share details of the reason for picking the home, but unit production manager Cody Holland said viewers of the popular series should watch for the home to be featured on TV in 3 to 4 months.

The show follows antique and collectible pickers Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz who travel around the United States to buy or “pick” various items for resale, for clients, or for their personal collections. Mike and Frank explore people’s homes, barns, sheds, outbuildings, and other places where they have stored antiques and collectibles. They call upon casual collectors, hoarders, and occasionally people who have inherited overwhelming collections of apparent junk. Wolfe, who has been picking since age four, has a particular interest in antique motorcycles.