Highway 210 From Brainerd To Crosby Opening Today


The Minnesota Department of Transportation has announced that they will open all lanes on highway 210 between Brainerd and Crosby! 

It seems like its been a long time, but actually its only been since July that we’ve been unable to make the usual trek on highway 210.  But as of noon today the road returns to normal.  Keep in mind that it’ll take them a while to get all the equipment and cautionary items removed, but as of noon today we’ll have access to all the lanes going both ways.

The press release from the Minnesota Department of Transportation includes this list of accomplishments:

  • Reconstructed 11 miles of road surface with a long-life, full-depth reclamation process between Pine Shores Road in Brainerd and Seventh Avenue in Ironton
  • Repaired and replaced underground drainage
  • Added left-turn lanes at Crow Wing County Road 25, County Road 147 and County Road 59
  • Reconstructed the Highway 210/County Road 12 (Deerwood shortcut) intersection to improve sight distance, turning movements and extending turn lanes
  • Added bypass lanes at the Mississippi Northwoods entrance and Sploezens Road 

They also say that the highway regularly accommodates 11,000  vehicles a day.  So get out there and drive safely.