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Hey Hey They’re NOT The Monkeys


Police in Cincinnati are investigating a bizarre case of monkey business.  I guess the question is– “Are they birds? or are they Monkeys?”.

Cops heard through the ape vine that there were monkeys on the loose near a cemetery. They received a couple of calls from people overnight saying they witnessed the primates hanging from trees, and one person even shared a grainy video of them on social media. Officers responded to the area and saw no signs of the monkeys. Security footage at the cemetery was reviewed and there was no sign of any unusual activity.

The cemetery is often visited by wild turkeys which are known to nest in trees, so some people may have mistaken them for monkeys. Police say they haven’t heard from anyone missing a monkey. The Cincinnati Zoo isn’t missing any monkeys but they’ve offered to help in the search. (USA Today)

See what you think?