Here’s A Creative Way To Remove Snow From Your Roof

cabin-clouds-cold-950058 (1)

I have to give props to my fellow cheese heads. With all this snow we got, they came up with a pretty ingenious way to remove snow from your roof. The owners of Twin B Dairy in Edgar, Wisconsin used traditional farm equipment and some ingenuity to clear the snow from the roofs of their farm buildings last week.

4th generation owner Adam Baumann was worried several buildings were at risk of collapsing from the heavy snow. He owns the farm with his uncle and father, and said two employees went onto a roof to shovel last Wednesday, but quickly realized there was too much snow.

“It wasn’t going to work for two, three, four buildings,” said Baumann.

So they put their heads together and came up with a fix. They attached a piece of soft pine wood to a large metal pole, which they then attached to the front of a loader tractor.

“We wanted to make a roof rake…but bigger,” said Baumann.

Once they got the hang of it, it took them three to four hours to clear the snow from four large buildings. They also cleared some buildings for their neighbors. Baumann posted a video of the operation on Facebook so he could share it with his family and friends, but it quickly went viral.