Have You Tried The Door Dash App?


You’ve probably heard the phrase “There’s an app for that”. It’s pretty much true, but I happen to stumble upon one that I thought I would share. If you get a chance to download the “Door Dash” app it is totally worth it. How many times have you got home from work, and don’t feel like cooking? At the same time maybe your not in the mood for pizza or the usual delivery services? Door Dash, in a matter of seconds, let’s you order from many of your favorite lakes area restaurants. In the mood for Tex-Mex, Asian, steak, Italian, subs, ice cream? It’s all just a click away. Just search for your favorite place to eat and order. Door Dash adds the tip in for you and everything. Plus once you sign up (for free) it will send you notifications when your order is ready and how long before it is delivered. It’s a pretty slick app, I’ve used it a bunch and love it. I think you will too.