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Haunted Hallows Opening


This has turned out to be a favorite in recent years when it comes to Halloween fare. The description on Facebook says “Hidden Hollows is the largest haunted attraction in central MN. Includes a 10 acre Hay Ride / Corn Maze and Haunted House.”

I personally have not attempted a haunted house since I was about 14.  Having the living daylights scared from me at that age, I have nothing left to give to the dark side.  But from testimony of listeners, this one is one of the best.[0]=AZXg9_zLFW3t1IFGiunsTfZ0oSogrM8HdCLUD9pWoS7qKzvFY6Wu_-0y85BwCwQlBfAQ0AMvM2seMgv0cstnf-uB2LM-iHWXFzfh_waD-BQ6SqiWlOISbG7tui62FB8VJdxDFsbtFpiLDSuAQBM9oT35sxJO8bgbaMRytsU-rROV0tlXYs9nVurL3ndg6nBkGaA&__tn__=EH-R