Loon Morning Crew

Happy Birthday To Robert Plant


This morning with the Loon Morning Crew the topic of Robert Plant’s birthday came up.  The man that helped to define the title “lead singer” is celebrating number 72 today. 

The number of signature songs that would not be the same with his pure tone is staggering.  The landscape of Rock and Roll was changed forever when Robert Plant joined forces to write and record with the legendary Jimmy Page and deliver a sound the world hadn’t heard.  The early texture of blues combined with left field stylization, left us wanting more and those years were filled with treasures.

Likewise Robert has delivered a menagerie of style and sound with his solo career.   And with the upcoming release Digging Deep we are promised some classic Robert we have yet to hear.  So Happy Birthday Robert Plant!  Enjoy a few of these morsels while you’re here…. including the tease of the new single.