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Happy Birthday Julian Lennon


Happy Birthday to Julian Lennon, who turns 58-years-old today (April 8th). Julian, who is John Lennon’s first son with college sweetheart, the late-Cynthia Powell Lennon, holds the distinction of being the first natural child of any the Beatles, being born on April 8th, 1963. Julian also is the first of the next generation to pursue a recording career, and released his critically acclaimed debut set, Valotte — which was produced by the late-Phil Ramone — in October 1984. Over the years, he’s released a total of six albums — The Secret Value Of Daydreaming (1986); Mr. Jordan (1989); Help Yourself (1991); Photograph Smile (1998); and Everything Changes (2011).

Here’s a little flavor for you with Bono and crew joining Julian for a familiar family fave.