Give Me A Call Sometime


The way you interact with your kids may have a lot to do with how they will respond to you. The stats out today about how they’d rather text than talk is probably no surprise to most of us.  But what about the 16 percent of kids that say they’d rather communicate on social media? Things continue to change don’t they?

Most popular is Snapchat followed by Instagram…so Facebook’s messenger takes the back seat. I remember when the corded phone hung on the wall in the living room and mom or dad answered all the calls coming in. That way if it was a young man calling for their daughter they knew who was on the phone!  In those days a good chunk of my friends were getting CBs in their cars. I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same.

The bottom line is you still may want to know about the young man “calling”. So perhaps access to snapchat is on your agenda today. Here’s a retro tutorial from the late great Burt Reynolds and others if you’d rather rewind then fast forward…