‘Free’ Tops Classic Rock One Hit Wonder List


One Hit Wonders have been around for many moons and September 25 marks National One Hit Wonder Day. The wonders were probably most prevalent in the 1980’s with the surge of new music genres. Classic Rock had its’ fair share in the 1970’s, many of which are still played today on radio stations all over the the world.  Here’s our top 10 favorite Classic Rock One Hit Wonders.


10. Spirit In The Sky – Norman Greenbaum

9. My Sharona – The Knack

8. One Toke Over The Line – Brewer and Shipley (Not the Lawrence Welk version)

7. 867-5309 – Tommy Tutone

6. Driver’s Seat – Sniff ‘N’ Tears

5. Beds Are Burning – Midnight Oil

4. Love Hurts – Nazareth

3. Mississippi Queen – Mountain

2. Black Betty – Ram Jam

And, the Number One Classic Rock One Hit Wonder …. All Right Now by the British hard rock pioneer band, Free.

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