What Is The Deadline To Get Your Fish House Off The Water?

ice fishing

You may think that this Winter will last forever, but the Minnesota DNR is reminding us that it will not!  The DNR is reminding us that we should do our part in keeping the lakes clean by picking up trash (even if it doesn’t belong to you) and that this is your last weekend to fish unless you’re in a portable.

With the record setting snow and the recent blizzard they know the houses are not going to be easy to move, but that doesn’t mean the deadline doesn’t remain.  In the southern two thirds of the state, structures have to be off lakes by the end of the day on Monday, March 4th. For structures on lakes in the northern third of the state, the deadline is by the end of day on Monday March 18th.  So what if…? Well you may be prosecuted and the house might be confiscated and removed, or destroyed by a conservation officer.  We all know that we don’t want anyone else moving our house right?  Watch the video below to see what can happen. 🙂