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Firearms Deer Hunting Opener — It’s a Blaze Orange Weekend


Your home for the best in Classic Rock is going to give you a “Double Shot” weekend while you get into the woods this weekend!  Be listening for two in a row from some of your favorite Classic Rockers.

It seems like October flew by and here it is…hunting opener!  If you are wondering about what goes into making it the best hunt possible you might want to check out the DNR website for info on planning your hunt including their “make a plan tool”, and you’ll also like their deer hunting how to section.

The season for firearms depends a bit in your location and your permit, so check out the boundaries below and get the rules and regs before you head out.  And of course the DNR has all kinds of info on their site about Chronic Wasting Disease.  If you have questions about sampling check out this link!


And of course, lets focus on safety!  Reserve America offers the following 10 safety tips:

  1. Be familiar with your firearm.
  2. Always practice and preach firearm safety.
  3. Keep your cell phone on you and not in your pack.
  4. Use a full-body harness.
  5. Conduct frequent repairs on your tree stand.
  6. Make yourself known to other hunters.
  7. Check the weather.
  8. Know the hunting seasons and what land you’re allowed to hunt.
  9. Have a hunting trip plan.
  10. Always bring the essentials.

Of course make it a great weekend by including the best in Classic Rock at 107.5 the PowerLoon and on the our mobile app- powered by Hilltop Camper and RV!