Loon Morning Crew

Doobie Brothers – Black Water For Covid 19 Relief


The technology that people are playing with continues to impress as we work our way through the Covid 19 crisis.  The Doobie Brothers decided to take a crack at some distance jamming and the video proves what can be done.  The other side of this is that they are raising money with the cut to benefit the relief funds for Covid 19.

Pat Simmons made comment about the special session, telling Rolling Stone, “We knew we would want to share something with others out there who are in isolation just like we are . . . Sending out warm wishes to all of our friends. Thanks to all the angels of mercy who have stepped up to lessen the impact that the Covid-19 virus has had on so many lives. We are partnering with Feeding America for our presentation, and would be thankful to anyone who could make a donation to help our neighbors in need during this crucial time.”

This is the kind of stimulus we all need, whether there is money in the bank or not!