Disney The Happiest Place On Earth? The Brainerd Lakes Beats It In The Summertime


Those of us lucky enough to call the Brainerd Lakes Area home have just survived one of the coldest winters and wettest springs on record. Time to put away the resentment and move on to why many of us endure the harshness mother nature throws at us year after year.

Summertime in the BLA rivals anywhere on the planet, with over 460 lakes in a mere 25 miles and 450 holes of golf to frustrate even the best player we are blessed to live where most people pay to vacation.

Let’s say you’re a family of 4 wanting to spend a week at one of  our many resorts. Average cost around the fourth of July 4? It will set you back $2,500 bucks. So grab a floatie or tube at the dollar store, dust off your cane pole and dig up some worms. GET OUT THERE!

Lay on the fresh cut grass and look for cloud shapes, build a bonfire and come up with a new creation of the s’more. Play capture the flag with your children, look for bugs or even cooler .. the awesome walking stick! If none of those tickle your fancy then check out B-Bay for great savings on everything from zoo passes to go kart racing, summer concerts to sailing lessons, golfing deals and water park passes. Summer goes too fast, don’t waste another breath complaining about that other season, ENJOY all the beauty, all the lakes, all the links, and all the wonder right outside our front door!