Da Bears Da Bears Da Bears In Baxter


It was a big week for the Bears! 

The Cal Bears moved into the top 15 in the college football polls, the Chicago Bears easily moved past the Skins in Washington on Monday Night Football and the neighborhood bear at least temporarily moved on to my deck in Baxter!

The attached photo was taken at 4:30 on Monday afternoon and yes that is our deck in Baxter, in the Whipple Beach / Memorywood area. It is a fairly busy neighborhood with walkers, bikers and kiddo’s running around but not busy enough to keep this bear away form our bird feeder and pretty pink flowers!

Now, I have always liked bears, including Smokey, The Berenstains, Yogi and Boo Boo and a particular favorite Humphrey B. Bear. And I’ve seen many bears in the woods and rivers of Montana and Minnesota or perhaps ambling across the road here and there, but ambling up the steps on our deck might be a little to close for comfort. Baxter residents in my area, it might be time to take in the bird feeders…at least the ones your decks!!