Crow Wing County Residents Are Cleaning Up – Please Dispose Of Hazardous Waste Properly


Many residents of Crow Wing County (and others) have been spending a lot of time at home over the last 10 weeks.  Many have used the time to spruce up their homes or living areas and now have extra paints or stains laying around.  If you do, now is your chance to get those hazardous materials out of your home, away from your kids and pets and have them disposed-of properly.

Crow Wing County Household Hazardous Waste facility will now be open for the season at the Crow Wing County Landfill east of Brainerd.  This is a free service for all Crow Wing County residents.  HHW will be open the second Wednesday and second Saturday of each month from 8:00-4:00, through September. This is a time to dispose of old paint cans, cleaners, automotive products, rechargeable batteries and other chemicals.  Upon arrival at the site, stop in front of the Landfill Office and an attendant will direct you how to proceed.  Due to the pandemic, all items brought in must be on a trailer, in your trunk or in your trunk bed.  You must remain in your vehicle.  And the Product Exchange will not be open until further notice.  For more info, visit and or call 824-1290.


(Content provided by Tess Taylor- Hubbard Radio)