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Crosby Library Closes After Apparent Roof Collapse


Scary moment over the weekend in the town of Crosby. The Jessie F. Hallett Memorial Library roof apparently collapsed Saturday night and city crews worked quickly in saving historic memorabilia and the books inside.

Saturday, a person was walking their dog past the library when they heard a loud boom, which sounded like the roof collapsing. The passerby called 911 at around 10:30 pm, and crews responded to the library located on First Street Southeast in Crosby.

Crosby mayor Bob Novak said the flat part of the roof — which covers the middle of the building — is where the roof may have partially collapsed. Novak said it appeared the wet, heavy snow caved in, but it did not go completely through the ceiling to the floor. He said the snow pushed the insulation and some electrical wires through the ceiling. There are cracks in the ceiling, and if that wasn’t enough, the power also went out and the water had to be shut off.

Head librarian Abby Smith and City Administrator Lisa Sova will be coordinating with all the crews in fixing the structural damage.

“This is shocking,” Sova said. “The building was built in the ‘70s and it is not that old, in the life of the structure. But this has been an extraordinary year with the amount of snow and the weight of it because of the rain we had … it’s like the perfect storm.

“At this point we are not sure that (the roof collapsing) is what happened. We are waiting for a structural engineer to come and make an assessment of what happened. It is all speculation at this point.”

Sova said the library will be closed, but they hope to get it open as fast as possible.