Could The 1950’s Teach Us A Few Things?


No internet, no cellphones. Black and white TV, no hi def or smart televisions. In 1950 people would greet one another as they passed each other on the street. in 1950 the major disciplinary issue in schools were gum chewing and talking during class. In 1950 people would make an effort to look nice when they would go out in public. In 1950 less than 5 percent of all babies born in the US were born to unmarried parents, today that number is close to 40 percent. In 1950 the first credit card was issued in the US, as of 2020 Americans owe more than 930 billion on their credit cards. Also in 1950, one income could support an entire middle class family. In 1950 families ate dinner together, neighbors knew and cared about each other and being an American truly meant something. Perhaps we could learn some very important lessons from something that happened 70 years ago?