Costco Is Now Selling A 27 Pound Bucket Of Mac And Cheese


All of my dreams are coming true! Mac and cheese lovers, college students, survivalists we can all now rejoice. Costco is now selling a 27 pound bucket of the greatest meal ever. And the best part it has a shelf life of 20 years! You can purchase for $89.99, unfortunately it’s not available in stores. It’s also intermittently out of stock at, as of mid-afternoon on Friday, it’s sold out. If it remains that way, you can also find it for $149.99 on Amazon, although stock appears limited there, too. The “Chef’s Banquet Mac And Cheese” listed under Emergency Kits & Supplies, offers 180 servings in separate pouches of elbow pasta and cheddar cheese sauce. That comes out to two servings per dollar. For maximum longevity, Chef’s Banquet recommends storing the tub in a “dry, cool environment.” A “dooms day bunker”, for example, or a root cellar. You can put it next to your 7 pound bucket of Nutella and 40 pound bucket of honey. And, if you trust the reviewers on Costco’s website, the mac-and-cheese is actually pretty good. “Very pleasantly surprised,” wrote MimiO in a five-star post from three years ago. “You can’t mess it up. Have purchased it again, and will continue to use it.” Indeed, potentially for the next 17 years. My other recommendations for bulk buying see below.