Cool Deep Freeze Experiments


We could just curl up on the couch with a mound of blankets and our favorite Netflix series or a good book and call it good. But, why not have a little fun outdoors as we survive another Minnesota winter? Here’s some really cool experiments you can try, and you never know, you just might enjoy them.

  • Freeze A Bubble – Instantly freeze some bubbles and produce some spectacular ice crystals. Any wand and bubble solution will work just fine. Heat it up first for a little more pizzazz.
  • Banana Hammer – Need a hammer but don’t feel like venturing out to the hardware store? Put a banana outside, and within a couple of hours it’ll be hammer time!
  • Resurrect A Balloon – Inflate your balloon indoors, then bring it outside into the frozen tundra. Watch it shrink away …. wait, you can bring it back to life. Simply return it to the warmth inside.  The air inside will expand and your balloon will be alive again, ready for you to re-shrink.
  • The Classic Steam Trick – This one is an oldie, but a goodie. Yes, the old boil some water, toss it outdoors and watch it freeze. It’s one of those viral things.
  • Magic Shell Snowball – Unlike freeze-frying an egg, this one you can actually eat. Cover a snowball in Smucker’s Magic Shell chocolate fudge and place it outdoors until it hardens. Bring it back inside, poke a hole in it and let the water drain out as the snow melts. Here’s the fun part, eat your Magic Chocolate Ball!
  • Ice Marbles – See photo and instructions below. These look really cool!

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