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Construction Season in Brainerd UPDATE


The City of Brainerd has been working on getting some seal coating done, and this morning City Engineer/Public Works Director Paul Sandy gave us an update on the progress.  The good news is they’ll be done soon with this project… the not so good news is they are running with some delays due to the recent showers.  Here’s Paul’s note:

The seal coating contractor has been delayed slightly due to the light rain yesterday and the weather today.  What is left to complete is the fog sealing, which is planned to commence Thursday, July 22, 2021.

The no parking signs will remain in place until this time.  Parking is still prohibited on the following streets until the seal coating and fog sealing is complete:

The streets that will be worked on are below:

Buffalo Hills Lane – S 6th Street to the Dead End

Mississippi Drive – Buffalo Hills Lane to the Dead End

Jackson Street – NW 4th Street to City Limits

Oak Street – S 6th Street to SE 19th Street

S 6th Street East Frontage Road – Industrial Park Road to Wright Street

William Street – NW 4th Street to NW 5th Street

NW 5th Street – William Street to Washington Street

NW 7th Street – Charles Street to Washington Street

NW 8th Street – Charles Street to Washington Street

James Street – NW 2nd Street to NW 4th Street and NW 6th Street to NW 8th Street

NW 3rd Street – Washington Street to James Street

Maple Street – 12th Street SE to 15th Street SE

East River Road – Laurel Street to Washington Street

Fire Department Parking Lot

Police Department Employee Parking Lot

NE Fire Station Parking Lot


Revised fliers will be handed out today regarding the construction work to effected businesses and residences.  The work consists of an oil layer sprayed on the street, a layer of fine rock places and rolled into the oil, the excess rock swept from the street, and a final thin layer of oil placed on the road surface.  Restriping of the street will take place after completion.  What is left to complete is the final layer of oil on the street.

Please call City Hall with any questions or concerns about this work at 218-828-2307.