Conquering Breast Cancer in the Brainerd Lakes


Having been connected and active with the Brainerd Lakes Race for the Cure since it’s inception, I found this story today that I thought I’d share.77-year-old Mary Frances Duggan of Vancouver, Washington, beat breast cancer and was so thankful for the medical care she received that she wanted to give back. So, she called a few friends, asking them to donate bras to the needy. Mary hoped to get 100 bras and was surprised when her friends called other friends, which led to 250 bras being donated. With the help of her husband of 55 years and her three daughters, Mary ended up delivering the bras to a charity that helps women.

 Still thankful about the support she received from the doctors and nurses she met along the way, Mary now is also thankful for the support she received from the community — and is happy to know her charity efforts are helping those less fortunate. Get the full article here: (The Columbian).

The beautiful thing is that women and men right here in Minnesota are fighting and beating breast cancer every day.  And we can be actively involved again this year!  The Brainerd Lakes Race for the Cure is scheduled for June 29th!  It’s our 20th annual, and now is the time to gear up and get your team formed.  There’s opportunity to be a runner, a walker, a spirit runner, a volunteer, a sponsor, or a friend that supports another.  We want you to make it part of your summer!  You can get information and get signed up today by clicking here BrainerdLakesRace.

Let’s be part of the power of pink again this year!