Coffee And Why We Like It


So today there were a couple of things that came up regarding coffee that I thought were worth sharing.

First of all, it seems to make a difference to the drinker of the coffee whether or not the cup that you drink from is smooth or rough to the touch.  The study is discussed by the daily mail and they quote Psychologist Dr Fabiana Carvalho saying: ‘The coffee was perceived as sweeter when tasted from a smooth-surface cup. The coffee was rated as more acidic from the rough cup.”  She added: ‘These results demonstrate that haptic cues influence the judgment of basic tastes as well as mouth-feel attributes in specialty coffee.”  So we should look to serve our coffee from a smooth cup if we want to make a good impression with the coffee served.

The other item in the news is the affect of coffee on the human brain.  Our brains evidently combine the effect of the taste buds on the tongue with the nasal influence the aroma’s effect. The brain also helps us decide if the coffee is juicy or dry and  the after taste that we can sense.  For the coffee connoisseur the whole experience might take your brain to a place where you’ve been before or deliver a certain mood.  Or of course you can slam the coffee down like most of us do in the morning as you rush for the door and just wait for the kick in the pants.

Either way enjoy your coffee!  Here’s the interview with the Oxford Expert.