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City Of Brainerd And Volunteer Openings.


I just happened to be on the city of Brainerd website today and noticed that there are a number of openings on committees that help to make our city great. So I thought I’d bring a little attention to it.

Quite often we get so enthralled with the Presidential election that we forget that our city and county government that is in action right here in the lakes area has a direct effect on how we go about our lives.    If you haven’t considered these opportunities in the past, maybe it’s time. So here are the current opportunities for service! The descriptions below are taken from the city of Brainerd website.


Economic Development Authority

The City of Brainerd Economic Development Authority (EDA) is your first-stop for business development assistance in Brainerd, including:

Site selection for large or small business

Business expansion and relocation financing resources

Referral source for business start-up assistance

Redevelopment assistance

Gap financing referrals

Economic development rates on utilities


Cable TV Advisory Committee

Recommended by Mayor, Approved by Council


To monitor the performance of the Cable TV franchise in carrying out the compliance of financial and technical provisions. To advise and make recommendations to the City Council regarding the present and future use of the cable communications system within the City. To promote the use of the public educational and governmental access channels by increasing the public awareness of their availability and potential and by stimulating and promoting public interest and participation therein. Take appropriate action to assure nondiscriminatory access to the public, educational and governmental access channels.


Charter Commission


Make advisory recommendations relative to the Brainerd City Charter


Planning Commission


Advise City Council on planning and zoning issues i.e. rezoning of property, conditional use and variance applications, and other land use matters.