Chipotle And Firehouse Subs In Baxter Opening Soon


In my total excitement to know that Baxter will be getting a Chipotle Mexican Grill, I had a chance to talk to Baxter City Administrator Brad Chapulis today (10/8/19) and HAD to “go in for the ask.”

I asked him if he had an opening date for Chipotle (and for the Five Guys Burgers & Fries) to which he said, “I don’t have any information regarding Five Guys at this time, however, at a recent (Baxter) city council meeting, we did approve Chipotle’s license to sell beer and their request was dated to start November 1st.”  So, I said “would you think they’d open on that date…November 1st?”  He said there were no guarantees, but that is when the license to sell beer starts.”

I am PRAYING for November 1st and I cannot wait…. if Nov. 1st comes and goes with no open, I will rest assured it will be soon thereafter.  Mr. Chapulis said he assumes it’ll be sometime in November, either way.  I drove over to the location in Baxter (in front of Gander Outdoors) and there was definitely work going on inside the Chipotle end and the Verizon Store is already in there and operating.

Then I took a trip over to The Northwoods Crossing Development (next to the new Sleep Number Store, south of Culver’s) to check on a sign I could see on the door of the Firehouse Subs, which is also looking to open soon.  While snapping a photo of the sign, which was just notifying the public that they were Hiring Now, I bumped into Bob Sullivan, the franchise owner.  I asked him if they he could tell me when Firehouse Subs would open and he said, “barring anything unforeseen, we are aiming for MID-November.”  So, no exact date, but soon…. mid-November.

So that’s my update on the new places in Baxter that will “SOON” be expanding my waistline… better start working-out now so I can have a preemptive strike going forward.  I’ll keep you updated on Five Guys, if I hear anything…. but right now, mis ojos estan en Chipotle!  (my eyes are on Chipotle!)