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A Jogger Is Hit by a Car . . . While on a Treadmill

Maybe this isn’t why I don’t work out more. In case you haven’t seen this:  Security cam from inside a fitness studio shows a car crashing through the glass windows and plowing into a treadmill that some guy was standing on. The treadmill was pushed several feet and the guy went tumbling to the floor. He only had minor injuries though. …

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A Woman Is Almost Hit By An Axe . . . That She Threw

Have you ever been to one of those axe-throwing bars?  It’s a bar where you throw real axes at targets on the wall.  And somebody posted video of a woman in Colorado who almost KILLED herself at one of them. She throws the axe but it ricochets OFF the floor, THEN off the target . . . and then comes flying …

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A Helicopter Kicks Up A “Pollen Wave” As It Flies Over A Forest

Just in time for allergy season! A helicopter in Georgia shot video of tons of yellow pollen getting kicked into the air as it flies over some pine trees at a wildlife management area about 70 miles southwest of Atlanta. I actually started sneezing just writing this. Helicopter Pollen Wave Pollen anyone? Check out the pollen wave stirred up by …

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