Loon Tube

A Dog Beeping A Car’s Horn Until His Owner Shows Up

Another example of why dogs are the coolest, and maybe the smartest. Somebody in Australia posted video of a dog sitting in the driver’s seat of a parked car . . . and honking the horn over and over.  He keeps the beeping going until his owner shows up and lets him out. Is it me or does the owner …

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A Guy Catches An Axe Flying Right At Him

Last year we saw a woman at an axe-throwing bar save her own life by ducking at the last second when the axe bounced back right at her head.  Well, here’s another “rebounding axe video” . . . but this guy calmly reaches out and catches it.

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A Grown Man Tries A Hoverboard, And Fails

Oh, the things people do after a few drinks.  This 41-year-old man in Ohio swore he’d never try his daughter’s Hoverboard Segway, and then the alcohol kicked in.  The video features 11 seconds of wobbling, and one hard fall.  Luckily he wasn’t injured.  

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