Loon Tube: A Guy In France Ran A Marathon On His Balcony

A guy in France has gone viral for making us feel guilty about not exercising during the pandemic.  He ran a full marathon on the 25-foot balcony of his apartment.  That’s 26.2 miles . . . and it took him six hours and 48 minutes. A video making the rounds features brief clips of him that were shot by his …

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Shortage Of COVID 19 Testing Materials – New Criteria For Testing

With 115 cases of COVID 19 in our state as reported today, the news also has come in a press release from Essentia Health in Brainerd that “adjustments have been made to testing criteria to focus on the most susceptible people, including hospitalized patients. Health care workers, including EMS providers, and those in congregate living settings such as long-term care …

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