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Cabin Guy Team Decked Out in Powerloon T-Shirts!

cabin guys photo Aug 2021

The Cabin Guy team sent us this! We’re proud to see them representing us!

Cabin Guy is a tradition, a yearly trip to celebrate what the nature of the lake has to offer. They now have an excellent line of products that go along with their story. Here is what their website says about just that:

“Our story began years ago. A group of high-school and college friends started spending a weekend at a cabin in Northern Minnesota. Before long our annual weekend became a tradition. Life marched on – but our annual gathering remained engrained in the fabric of our lives. We haven’t missed our time up north since. Over time, this event became known as “Cabin Guy” and took on a life of its own, complete with its own traditions and soundtrack.

During one of our weekends together we had the inspiration to create a brand that captured the essence of these gatherings and all they represent. As a result, Cabin Guy™ was born – a line of high-quality apparel and accessories that represent the best of what happens when we get away from it all.”

You can get your own Power Loon T-Shirt here.