Buying The Wrong Chicken – A Different Kind of Food Fight


A Wisconsin woman sent her husband to the store to buy chicken — and when he came home, she called the police on him.

Police say the 37-year-old woman called to report that she and her 40-year-old husband had gotten into a verbal argument because he brought home the wrong chicken. Officers responding to their home were told the exact same story.  Reports say that during the course of the night, the argument got so bad that the man chose to sleep at his father’s house.  It is not known what part of the chicken he was supposed to purchase or what dish she was planning to make with it.  Brown Deer police released the call in an incident report titled “Noteworthy calls from the weekend.”    The argument never turned physical and no charges were filed.

A couple of things about this story.  1)  I love the thought that there’s a report called “Noteworthy calls from the weekend.”  2) I can’t help but think that since it heated up throughout the evening,  that we now have an all new way to play “chicken”, involving an accusation and and an answer and an accusation and an answer until a person in the relationship go’s home to the folks!

Possible statements….

“You got the wrong chicken!”

“Yeah so..”

“You know it’ll take twice as long for me to make lasagna with this”

“Well I’m not going back”

“You will if you want to eat!”

“Oh so you’re not a good enough cook to make it work?”

“I’m a better cook than you’ll ever be!”

—-  I think you get the picture…  “I won’t back down”  tends to lead to a sad situation….  Just think about our Federal Government for a minute. 😉

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