Bryan Adams Joined Taylor Swift On Stage To Sing ‘Summer of ’69’

Bryan Adams
Credit: Josh Sorenson/Pexels

During her show last Saturday night in Toronto (August 4th), Taylor Swift surprised the crowd by bringing out Canadian singer/songwriter Bryan Adams to perform Summer of ’69.

Taylor Swift is powering through her reputation tour, and has been known to add a special unannounced guest for a song or two during it. This past weekend, it seemed fitting that she would have Canada’s own Bryan Adams join her onstage to sing a song that is known worldwide.

Now that’s cool.

After watching the video I ended up going back and looking at how Summer of ’69 did on the radio. I was shocked to find out it never went to number one on the US Billboard charts. But the song has 100% stood the test of time. It feels like every single time I find myself somewhere that a cover band is playing, you can put your bottom dollar on ‘Summer of ’69’ being played somewhere in their set. And guess what, I look forward to it every single time.