Bryan Adams
Credit: Josh Sorenson/Pexels

Bryan Adams Joined Taylor Swift On Stage To Sing ‘Summer of ’69’

During her show last Saturday night in Toronto (August 4th), Taylor Swift surprised the crowd by bringing out Canadian singer/songwriter Bryan Adams to perform Summer of ’69.

Taylor Swift is powering through her reputation tour, and has been known to add a special unannounced guest for a song or two during it. This past weekend, it seemed fitting that she would have Canada’s own Bryan Adams join her onstage to sing a song that is known worldwide.

Now that’s cool.

After watching the video I ended up going back and looking at how Summer of ’69 did on the radio. I was shocked to find out it never went to number one on the US Billboard charts. But the song has 100% stood the test of time. It feels like every single time I find myself somewhere that a cover band is playing, you can put your bottom dollar on ‘Summer of ’69’ being played somewhere in their set. And guess what, I look forward to it every single time.