Brainerd Makes A National Top Ten For Waterfront Living


Everyone knows that the Brainerd Lakes is a great place to live.  And now there’s a new report out that ranks the waterfront property in Brainerd as the 6th most affordable in the country!  That is outstanding.

Sometimes we take it for granted how good we have it, so this is a little reminder.  The report comes from, and spells out the math regarding income and property value that you’ll need to see the full scope of affordability.

The only markets that beat Brainerd are as follows:

  1. Jamestown, New York
  2. Atlantic City, New Jersey
  3. Rochester, New York
  4. Oswego, New York
  5. Erie, Pennsylvania
  6. Brainerd, Minnesota

So take a deep breath and realize how good the good life is.  We live in one of best communities in the country.