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Brainerd High School Victim Of “Swatting” Call


There have now been multiple reports of “swatting” incidents that targeted Minnesota schools on Monday and Tuesday, including one at Brainerd High School.  The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension’s Minnesota Fusion Center said Tuesday it has received eight hoax shooting calls made within a two-day period.  That includes a very frightening incident at Banfield Elementary School in Austin on Monday, when law enforcement officers reportedly breached the doors of the school believing an active shooter incident was underway.  Other Minnesota schools affected along with BHS include Bemidji High School, Halverson Elementary School in Albert Lea and several schools in St. Louis County. Each call is believed to have come from outside of the state, even though it was reported that the area code in some cases has resembled a Minnesota phone number.  The BCA reports that all calls appear to have come from the same individual, who used Voice Over IP to conduct the calls.  There were also a number of the fake calls nationally in February, affecting states like Colorado, California, Vermont and Michigan.  These incidents continue to be investigated.  No other information is known at this time.