BMW Is Making Self-Driving Motorcycles Now?


In recent years, there’s been a lot of talk about self-driving cars. Well, BMW has stepped up and created a self-driving motorcycle.  So I guess the first question is “Does this thing really ride on it’s own?”   You’ll get the answer in part with the video below, but it’s also kind of like playing a video game.  It looks like a normal BMW bike, except for a big radio antenna on the back, which allows a user to move it around like a full-sized remote-controlled vehicle. (Auto Blog)  So the second question has to be “Why would you ever want to drive your bike with a joystick?”  The answer to that may still be drifting in the atmosphere.   Like we said on the air this morning, you maybe just want to give rides to your kids.  Or maybe you’d like to stroll out of the store and have your bike pick you up?  I guess with the technology now available, you may see it put to use for disabled people.  Now that would be worth something.  Otherwise, who wants their motorcycle to go for a ride without them?  Check it out!