Beer and Bacon, As Good As It Sounds

IMG_6004 (2)

Mac and I had the extreme honor of judging the 3rd annual Mr. Beauty Bacon competition over the past weekend at beautiful Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge.

As in previous years, the competition was tough. How to decide a winner is a heart wrenching dilemma for Mac and I.  Do we go with the guy who’s beer bloated stomach is the reddest from belly flopping into the pool with extreme water displacement or chose the one who is able to stuff his gullet full of bacon in under a minute? The one who takes his strut around the pool deck stripping down to an American flag Speedo or the Q and A segment of the competition where, when asked “How would the contestant improve workplace moral?”, responded by saying he would add kegs of beer into all break rooms… the stress, the decisions.

Thank goodness as judges we were allowed to enjoy beer and bacon while wrangling with our important decision. in the end Chuck from St. Paul took the coveted belt and sash along with free beer and more bacon. By the way, Chucks girlfriend is a vegetarian .


photos courtesy of Crosby-Ironton Corrier