Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Photo Credit Bismarck Police

When you want to get a great look you see a pro and let them get you looking stellar right?  But usually if you want the best result you avoid harsh criticism, or in this case a threat.

Police say Michael McKenzie, 25, appeared to be drunk and had a bottle of Fireball whisky in his back pocket when he showed up at a Bismarck salon last Wednesday morning.

As part of his trying to schmooze a great cut, stylist Samantha Gunsch said he commented “something to the effect of I’m going to kill you if you don’t make me look beautiful.”  I would ask you to take one look at this guy and decide if that’s really possible.

During a police interview, Gunsch, 24, recalled that McKenzie also told her that he was “going to look her up and come to her house if she doesn’t cut his hair right.”  Well as was reported to the police she was shaking with fear.

Despite all that, it’s actually a really nice cut!  Is he beautiful, no, but it is a nice cut.

Seen above, McKenzie was arrested Thursday and charged with a felony terrorizing count. The Bismarck resident is being held in the local jail on $2500 cash bond.

Here’s the documentation…