Danny Wild

Minnesota’s Second Covid 19 Death

The Minnesota Department of Health has released a statement regarding the second death associated with Covid 19 in the state of Minnesota.   “We are saddened to report that a second Minnesotan has died from a confirmed case of COVID-19. As with the first death announced March 21, this second death involved a resident of Ramsey County in their 80s. We …

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Sleep-Hack… It’s Essential To Your Immune System

Just about everything we have on the air with the Loon Morning Crew related to our immune system says that getting the right amount of sleep will help to keep you healthy.  Well in poking around on the CDC website I came across a report on sleep in America.  Here’s a highlight or two from the news release.

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Shortage Of COVID 19 Testing Materials – New Criteria For Testing

With 115 cases of COVID 19 in our state as reported today, the news also has come in a press release from Essentia Health in Brainerd that “adjustments have been made to testing criteria to focus on the most susceptible people, including hospitalized patients. Health care workers, including EMS providers, and those in congregate living settings such as long-term care …

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