Brian Moon

Wildfire Season Doesn’t End When Summer Starts

This holiday weekend, Minnesotans can enjoy the outdoors, have fun, and put safety first in all things they do. This includes being safe with fire, especially in the northern half of the state where extremely dry conditions persist. Whether you are hanging out with family around a backyard fire or riding your ATV along a dry trail, please be careful …

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A Car Crashes Through A Backyard Fence And Flies Over The Pool

This happened last Friday in South Florida.  A family’s surveillance camera filmed an out-of-control car crashing through their fence, and then flying OVER the pool in the backyard.  Luckily no one was out there at the time. First responders believe the driver suffered a diabetic shock and lost control of the car.  She was hospitalized but her injuries are not …

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Breaking: Fire At Brainerd City Hall

Details are sketchy at this point, but there is a fire at Brainerd City Hall. Please avoid that area so fire crews can do their work. Here’s some pics and video courtesy of Marlene Sutherland. Brainerd City Hall has been going through a remodeling project. No word on whether that was the cause. We will keep you posted. UPDATE: The …

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