Brian Moon

Reminder: Time To Watch Out For Kids On Bicycles

Like many of you, I’m LOVING this warmer weather. It brought a smile to my face yesterday when driving home seeing all the kids in my neighborhood out playing and riding their bikes. With this winter we’ve had, they have cabin fever probably more than any of us. It also made me think that as motorists driving through neighborhoods we …

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Check Out This Mysterious Hole In The Clouds

As a person who gets freaked out easily about the great unknown, this caught my attention right away. A meteorologist posted video of a cloud formation in the skies over the United Arab Emirates that looks like a massive flying saucer.  It’s called a “fallstreak hole” and it’s basically a large gap that forms in certain types of clouds. Guess …

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New Brewery “Drastic Measures” Opens In Wadena

I will say this, we have no shortage of  local craft breweries here in the lakes area…and that’s a good thing. Brainerd, Nisswa, Crosby, Crosslake all have great establishments to take in. Now Wadena is throwing their hat in the ring. “Drastic Measures” is the new local craft brew in Wadena, that opened up this past Friday. Housed in a …

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