Brian Moon

A Guy Outruns An Avalanche

A guy was filming himself running in the snow at Lake Louise in Canada when he hears rumbling.  So he turns the camera toward the mountain and casually says, “avalanche” . . . and then kicks it into overdrive and runs for his life. There’s a moment when it seems like he’s going to get smothered, but he stays just …

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A Season For Exploring

When snow and cold set in, there are plenty of ways to get outdoors rather than hibernate. Whether you’re scouting for future hunts, watching wildlife or out enjoying the outdoors in other ways, you can find new places to explore using DNR maps. One place to start is the DNR recreation compass that includes several types of public land. In …

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Here Are The Latest Finalists For The Ultimate Contest

The PowerLoon congratulates our latest set of finalists for the Ultimate Contest!  These finalists will now be invited to join us at the Ultimate Contest Grand Prize Party.  They all have a chance at choosing the Grand Prize on the Ultimate Contest!    Make sure you’re listening on Monday when we give you another chance to get qualified.  If you don’t …

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