Brian Moon

Loon Tube: Have You Seen Kiara, the Volleyball-Playing Dog?

There’s a Norwegian beach volleyball player named Mathias Bernsten, and a video of him and his dog Kiara has gone viral.  That’s because they’re playing volleyball against two other people, and Kiara is totally holding her own. Mathias tips the ball to her, she puts it back in the air with her nose, and then he hits it over the …

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NFL To Host ‘Draft-A-Thon’ To Benefit COVID-19 Relief Efforts

It’s no secret the NFL draft is going to be way different this year with everything going on, but with those changes comes a great idea. The NFL announced that the 2020 NFL Draft will serve as a three-day virtual fundraiser benefiting six charities — selected by the NFL Foundation — that are battling the spread of COVID-19 and delivering relief to …

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Loon Tube: A Dad Lets His Four-Year-Old Cut His Hair

A dad in Missouri is quarantined and can’t go to the barber, so he recruited his four-year-old daughter to give him a haircut.  She’s a little unsure at first, but he encourages her to keep going, and even lets her use the electric clippers. In both of their words, “It turned out pretty good.”      

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