Brian Moon

Video Of A Woman Stealing A Police Car

This happened last week in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but the video is making the rounds now.  Somebody filmed a female cop who stopped her car to deal with a guy on the street screaming, and a woman who’s on the divider. When the cop gets out of her car, the woman attacks her, jumps in the squad car, and drives …

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This Baby Race Is More Exciting Than Most Sporting Events

The New Orleans Pelicans held a “baby race” at halftime of their game against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday . . . and the video has gone viral because it’s filled with unpredictable twists and turns, plus an exciting finish. Here’s how the race works.  A bunch of babies have to crawl across the arena floor, going from one …

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A Reporter Being Chased And Bitten By A Pig

I know first hand pigs can be mean. How about this for an example? A news team in Greece tried to throw it to a live reporter who was supposed to be talking about some recent storms.  But the story changed to the LARGE PIG that wouldn’t stop chasing the reporter around and biting him.

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