Australian Finds Out His Phone Is Bugged, Literally


If bugs give you the creeps then this story may not be for you.   An Australian real estate agent found out the hard way that one of his properties’ phones was bugged when he picked up the landline and discovered a swarm of roaches inside! The man, whose name was not released, was giving the once-over to a home in Sydney when he picked up a dusty wall phone that looked like it hadn’t been used in ages. But when he lifted the receiver, he was stunned to discover that a slew of creepy-crawly critters had taken up residence in the casing of the phone!  Most of the roaches were long-dead, but a few emerged at the sight of daylight — leading the inspector to turn on the camera in his not-bugged cell phone. I’m thinking the property just got a lot harder to sell.  Generally the stuff that adds drama to a horror film.