Are Viking Fans Being Just A Bit Harsh On Kirk Cousins?


I have to tip my hat to Viking’s quarterback Kirk Cousins, he tried to do something nice for Minnesota Vikings fans this week, by holding a GIVEAWAY.

He set-up a Twitter poll and asked, quote, “[Next] season feels so far away, so I want to do a giveaway to keep all you Vikings fans excited!  What do you want me to giveaway?  A. Signed Jersey, B. Signed Football, C. Signed Mini-Helmet, or D. Other.” Last I checked, ‘Signed Jersey’ was #1 with 71%, but it was probably not the wisest decision to make ‘Other’ an option, because 11% of people selected it, and a lot of frustrated fans had smart-aleck responses. For example, one fan asked Kirk to give away, quote, “Your contract.”  He just signed a three-year, fully-guaranteed, $84 million contract last offseason. Others said things like . . .


“How about $84 million dollars?”

“Why don’t you just give back some of our $84 million.”

“Can you just give back like $15 mill?”

“3/4 of your contract”

“Some cap space.”

“You can give away the money the Vikings wasted.”

“Give back half your salary so we can re-sign [Sheldon Richardson] AND [Anthony Barr].”

“If you could retire and return the Vikings their money, that would be great.”

“[How about] a TD drive to the end zone?”

“Give us ONE playoff win.”

“How about giving [the Vikings quarterback] Case Keenum back?”

One thought outside the box:  Quote, “Give people a ride in your minivan.”  (???)

And one person had this excellent jab:  Quote, “You had enough giveaways during the season, we don’t need anymore.”


Statistically, Kirk had a decent year. Yes he put up a lot of empty stats, yes The Vikings were 8-7-1, and failed to make the playoffs, and yes the year before Kirk was signed, they were 13-3, before losing to the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game. I also think there’s plenty of blame to go around. Poor offensive line play, defensive lapses, coaching shake ups? All of these could be blamed for a disappointing season. I said at the beginning of the year with that kind of contract, he was going to be held to unbelievable expectations. Let’s just not write the guy off after one year.