America’s Top Selling Beers of 2018

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Beer is a $350 billion dollar industry in the U.S. If you were blindfolded would you be able to pick out your favorite beer or beverage? More than likely, and it kind of sounds like a pretty good time. You may may even find one you like better. And, there’s always going to be a debate as far as which one is the king of beers. Craft beers are usually fun if not interesting to try, and there’s plenty of them out there. Minnesota has over 60 craft breweries in the state alone, with a few right here in the Brainerd Lakes Area.

Who rules the roost with American’s taste buds. Craft beer or the more traditional “normal” beer? You might be surprised that Americans aren’t as eclectic as you thought. According to the Boys’ Room survey, based on sales, here are the top 10 selling beers for America in 2018:

1. Bud Light

2. Coors Light

3. Miller Light

4. Michelob Ultra

5. Budweiser

6. Natty Light

7. Busch Light

8. Busch

9. Keystone Light

10. Miller High Life

Hey, there’s a lot of light beer on the list so at least we’re thinking about calories. Is yours on the list? If not, share what it is on our Facebook Page!