Air B and BS


Spending the night in a strangers house has become the norm with things like Airbnb, but this story has a twist.An Iowa man found that there was no room at the inn after breaking into a family’s home in the middle of the night — and asking if he could crash there, and maybe grab a snack during his stay.  Terrance L. Prine Junior crept into the house just after midnight one night last week, waking the couple and bringing the woman downstairs, where she found him sitting at the kitchen table. The startled victim, who initially expected to find her daughter there, screamed for her hubby, who called 911.

Prine initially offered to leave, saying he just had the wrong address, then asked the couple if he could spend the night and leave in the morning. When they refused, he requested a handout of a few bucks, then bolted the scene — only to be nabbed by cops a few blocks away.  He was charged with burglary and first-degree criminal trespassing.