Ain’t A Fit Night Out For Man Nor Beast

night winter

When it comes to cold nights in Minnesota, or where I grew up in North Dakota, I can’t help but think about this movie!  It’s a black and white short from 1933 starring W.C Fields that had some fun with the phrase “Ain’t a fit night out for man nor beast.”  This would have been one of those phrases that the old timers would quote when you would see them on the street or maybe some friends after they blew in from the street on night that was similar to the one we’re facing tonight.  Ironically, the first time I saw this film was a day at school in my hometown when less than half the student body was in class due to a winter storm.  I guess the Superintendent had a sense of humor after all, since he cranked up the old reel to reel projector and we watched this in the gym.  I include the highlights for you…. so you can get the rhythm of it.  But also the entire short for your viewing pleasure.  But no matter what, be safe out there.  Cause it ain’t a fit night for man nor beast!