A Plan For Minnesota’s Deer: Public Invited To Talk About Deer At Area Open Houses In March/April


Ever wonder how the DNR sets deer hunting regulations? Or how you can provide input on deer management in your area? Local wildlife managers across the state are inviting the public to come to open-house meetings to ask their deer questions. In the Brainerd work area, the open house will be held Tuesday, April 2 from 5–7 p.m. at the DNR’s Brainerd area office located at 1601 Minnesota Drive. Other meetings in Aitkin, Little Falls, Onamia and all across Minnesota can be found here.

These local, open-house-style meetings are a way to encourage discussions about deer and deer management, enhance local relationships and foster two-way communication between the DNR and the public. The DNR began the meetings last year with the release of its statewide deer management plan.

In addition to discussing general concerns about deer, individuals can ask DNR staff about last year’s harvest data, share observations, discuss potential season changes and get a preview of the updated draft Chronic Wasting Disease Response Plan that will be formally released in April. Season changes include a proposed statewide youth deer hunting season. The meetings do not include formal presentations; people can arrive any time during the scheduled meeting times. The DNR encourages people who can’t attend a scheduled meeting, but who have questions about deer management, to contact a local wildlife manager

Minnesota’s White-tailed Deer Management Plan will guide deer management from 2019-2028. Check out the video below.