A Meaningful Lost and Found


Nisswa brothers Rex and Zeke were riding their bikes when they found something shiny and dismounted to take a look.

Turns our it was the missing badge of patrol deputy Joe Meyer, now Captain. The badge had been missing for roughly 30 years when a young Meyer had responded to a car in the ditch on a winters day. He recalls going back several times to find it.[0]=68.ARCGVJXTWZln79vTC0FyzdDtySIZvNeHo7NQYYGPqVbjS3GaI0uBewErNihHKOfS51gb-rS2IBlUZAxqvlO9VT5-s9lH3yQHFdAkFlUKyI1TKb4yFkCNWvhqUJpNP_4h1ZG2X_OgNkDtZp4LrvQIQZMRTQn8SIi0HVxPdvDxApi1OI-QUGDG26gNkYrtxsYqON4Ys2rbEhOnOr_zp9tgAqC5CelCaBJLywBFmNzODIwStORRd2NXfnJxLdTTVJvGmAmZ7d6ihUawRJSsifJchQwHW5YCeqJGn4FkNO9oLZwQkJxtdjKimhmEt0DGVzDsDdLb1bCfLxUej07OwNrTn4ypYIKzxv-Fhdk&__tn__=-R