A Little Pink Floyd Mash Up To Get You Through The Day

adult-alternative-rock-artist-164693 (1)

I was planning on posting this yesterday as a Monday Mash Up; however the time change still has me off kilter a little bit. I checked my watch today and it was still an hour off, oops! Yes, I know it’s Tuesday. And, the only thing good about that is, it’s not Monday.

As we head into the long cold winter months, and I do mean long, let’s mix things up a bit. Why not? You’ve probably seen some of the mash-ups out there. How could you not? There’s tons of them, and some are pretty awesome. Enough so, if the mash up of these classic songs (rock and pop) was released by a record company today, it would be a hit.  Here’s two killer mash ups featuring one Classic Rock artist and one Pop artist. In my opinion, both are killer. The video below with Pink Floyd and the Bee Gees is a little bizarre. Just about everything involving Pink Floyd is bizarre, right? Worth it to watch it though. Great entertainment during the long arctic stretch.