A Guy Steals $9,000 That Somebody Placed On An Airport Scanner


My first question on this? Who carries $9,000 in cash around with them? That being said…Security cam at an airport in Rome filmed a guy stealing two envelopes filled with $9,000 in cash that somebody placed in one of those trays you put your stuff in before walking through the scanner. He took the money while the guy was stopped at the X-ray machine.  It looks like his belt may have set off a warning light. When the guy does find out his money’s gone he freaks out . . . and you can actually see the thief standing a few feet away as if he has no idea what’s going on. Fortunately, police arrested the thief as he boarded a plane.  He led them to the cash, which he had hidden inside a toilet paper dispenser in the airport.  The money was returned to the owner.